Getting Back Into Workmode.

This is a real short post, written quick and fast, considering my usual pondering procrastinations that I eventually publish. Every year I tell myself the goal should be to blog about something kickass; that elusive post which will elevate me to the realms of the ‘read and eagerly waiting for more’ category. I could potentially write about what I eat for lunch, my sex/love life, fashion, the Kardashians @_@. Nah. That would mean not taking myself seriously, which I do 🙂
Since I have an opinion on everything and everyone it should be easy to just bang away at the keyboard and produce something. Yeah? Nah. I’m not that cool. (Check this Wiki out.)
Yet there is lots to write about. My favourite topics being of course feminism, rather representation of ethnic women and diasporic Indians. Plus all else in-between. So there are blogs-in-the-making and there are those on hold. Because work comes first and then to find time for my personal life.
For me 2012 has begun on a positive note with many projects happening at the same time. Before all that though, a road trip through the East Coast of New Zealand reminded me once again about my place in the world, about human solidarity, about the importance of land and nature as a common treasure and why I should be grateful for my life. Hence the optimism.
Hopefully whoever reads this understands what I am saying.
Happy new year, Gung Hai Fat Choy. Peace, prosperity and love. Here is to more blogs, well thought out and pertinent. 🙂

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