This is a new blog I am following and find the posts incredibly interesting. I would have thought that a blog about Africa would be mostly about African identity and discourse, something of which I have very little knowledge. My bad. However, this post by, I am assuming, a Sri Lankan via Zambia is great comment and indicates the need for an inclusive dialogue about all the things we share and not just about coloured people v/s white people. Read on.

Africa is a Country (Old Site)

Ashton Kutcher, known for his unusual savvy when it comes to investing in tech companies, and for actually being a presence in those spaces (attending conferences and personally meeting startup founders), must know that many of those technical companies have key employees or founders of South Asian descent. So imagine the surprise of many when Kutcher appeared in ‘brownface’, and offended legions. The Indian diaspora in the US were left asking: “Why is it totally unacceptable to do blackface, but ok to do brown/yellow face in the US?” Even Gawker, known for being on top of the game, posted a somewhat inane take on the issue, taking no particular stance.

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  1. Thanks, Dr. Sapna, for the reblog. I’ll be visiting your site often now! Indeed ,I was born in SL, raised in Zambia, educated (college) in the US – but don’t feel my identity is owed to any nation or ethnic group.

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