Trayvon Martin And Us.

At the Protests for Trayvon Martin in New York City

By Us I mean the ‘other coloured folk’, middle class migrants chasing the American (replace with any other Western country) dream. What does the shooting of and subsequent acquittal of the shooter, George Zimmerman, mean to us? Do we think that something like this will not happen to us because we are:

a-not black

b-highly educated


d-acquiesce with the dominant white folk


Just because we, the other coloureds, categorise ourselves more like the white but not those black/indigenous/dole bludgers blah and blah we continue to be an accessory to discrimination. Our rights did not happen automatically. Many Treyvons gave up their lives so we could be treated as ‘equals’ in this world. To forget that is to deny our skin colour and place on this earth. Because one day it might happen to us one day.

Many words have been written and said about the acquittal and many academic arguments had about race. This post encapsulates it perfectly.

2 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin And Us.

  1. Something like this will not happen to you if you refrain from ambushing and pulverizing concerned Hispanic citizens.


    Acquiescence makes you sound like you view yourself as some sort of victim. Interesting to note you consider any countries founded by anglos the same. Has it occurred to your highly educated employable self that your OWN territories might happier for you.

    I fled to Australia, and was disheartened to find your cohort colonizing that land too.

    The Australians have a saying/t-shirt/bumper sticker: Love It or Leave

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