Detox your soul

Raga is one tough lady with a lot to teach the world. This post says it all. Just good physical health is not enough if issues if the mind and soul remain unaddressed. One does not need fancy techniques, visualisation, New Age guru bullshit or reading pseudoscience that makes it obtuse. Give yourself a moment or two every day, connect to the universe, stop to smell a flower and slowly the soul will start cleansing itself. Actually Raga says it better than I can.

Raga D'silva

I have often participated in ‘short term‘ solutions through my life.  If I had too much to eat, I would detox through abstinence from certain food for a period of time, popularly called ‘fasting‘. If I had too much to drink, then I would detox using liver cleansing methods.

I worried about my body, as most people do.  I buried my pain, my issues internally.  I looked for comfort through over-eating, drinking and dysfunctional company.

Through my current journey, I realised that much of the short-term solution is simply about short-term gain.  The cycle of gaining weight or being unwell periodically was simply a symptom of this.

When I looked deep within, I came to a very tough realisation. I had lost  contact with my inner-self.  I had to find me! When I finally started the dialogue with myself, I found many demons –  some born with me…

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1 thought on “Detox your soul

  1. Thank you Sapna. I am honoured with your comments. Coming from you as a medical practitioner, it adds stronger affirmation than we are truly mind, body, soul. One without the other simply cannot exist. Xx

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