About Dr. Sapna

Dr. Sapna Samant is a wanderer, a dreamer, a deliberate exile and believes the universe is a sacred place through which we have to journey before achieving nirvana. In her current, serious avatar, she is a GP in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland. In another avatar she is a writer, producer and a filmmaker (http://holycowmedia.com/); a bit of a shit-stirrer. She is a single mum to a boy.

11 thoughts on “About Dr. Sapna

  1. Dr Samant, it was great to know about you thro you weblog. Which I happened to see due to word Tendoli. It is my wife’s native. A green and silent place. I love it and wish I can visit the place at least this year.

    I am just now in US for a company project.

    My father in law Mr Agjgaonkar is a well known plantation owner. Your blog I could not read completely. But will definetly like you should visit Tendoli.

    If you need to be accomodated in a nice homely place in Vengurla and visit the near by areas like Parule, Bhogave (Kond) let me know. It will be our pleasure.

  2. Australia is racist and New Zeland is more racist that tries to strangle you and kills your soul. There should be protest like protest in melbourne in Auckland also. For last 6 years I have just seen racism, discrimination and bullying in NZ society. When I saw the indians protest in melbourne I thought that I was one of them and was so happy. I would loved to see the face of xenophobic australians when they saw the protest in TV or computer. NZ xenophobic kiwis should see something similar in Auckland.

  3. Hey Sapna,

    Long time no nothing huh girlie? I’m working at the Sound Archives now and want to record the Asian Radio Show in our archive. But can’t seem to find it. I’ve left a message for Rick Van Dyke at Radio Live to get some confirmation around dates/times that the show airs. Can you help a girl out? When and where does it air?

  4. Great article on the comparison in global consumer markets between Indian skin creams and African American hair products … all in the quest for some sort of ‘anglo’ or white ideal. I am part Chinese, Fijian, Indian and Israeli and born in Fiji. My hair has always been wavy but in February this year I had it chemically straightened, hoping it would be easier to maintain and resemble possibly the long locks of ‘exotic’ hawaiian or tahitian girls.

    I realised I didn’t want to reflect the ‘anglo’ or white ideal but be more suited to other character traits of other exotic countries. Some nine months after the chemical straightening and my curls are coming back – amen!
    It seems our ideas of beauty are all over the place because of such a globalised world and sharing of culturural traits so more freely. I would say that now our ideas of beauty have become more accessible but at what cost?

  5. Dear Sapna,
    It has been long that i have been trying to get in touch with you. how are you today I decided to search you and found you went through your blog. you are very prolific in your expressions. Very interesting to read with deep insights. Do keep in touch. I am available on facebook.
    love and metta

  6. Great interview this morning on ‘Media’ TV3 – very interesting, very clear and to the point. It is a debate that needs to be had in New Zealand. look forward to seeing more of your comments about mainstream NZ developments.


  7. hi Dr Samant
    Would you be kind enough to lead a “solidarity March” with the Iranian women. I am sure you read about all in inewpapers.

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