Hello world!

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3 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Dr Sapna – glad to see you blog. Enjoy it and if you run into technical difficulties you can always reach out to me. I have tried and always become lazy with it. Maybe buying new apple macbook air will inspire me to write more often again. Just finished watching The Darjeeling Express a few minutes ago and mozied over to facebook and say your blog. The movie has already made me miss India and the simpleness of life and the goodness of people that exists there.
    Well have a good trip and would be gr8 to see some pictures, Have a fun trip and soak in the goodness.

    BTW – I would pick Bali over Langkawi.

  2. Your observations are filled with a passion that makes your homeland sound so intoxicating.
    I’m considering visiting and seeing for myself how this cacophony of people, places, smells and colour create something so unique
    Any chance of persuading you to be my guide and translator??

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