Right so I am still a Luddite of sorts especially when I am sitting at a cyber cafe in Chembur with little kids running around and the mossies biting at my feet…oh well I got the blog started and this self-indulgence will get better. That is a warning.

So the ‘Indiannes’ started right at KLIA. Waiting to board I see myself surrounded by Indian faces and voices. People behind me are discussing Langkawi and Bali and what seems like an old man insists that the former is better than Bali. A honeymooning couple disagree and a generally loud conversation follows. I smile and will myself not to look at them. WHELCOME TO INDIA 🙂

On the plane I ask the man sitting next to me in Marathi. ‘Tumhi Maharashtrian aahat ka?‘ Don’t ask me how I came to know. I did. You know your types anywhere I suppose. ? It was a great flight. Great to talk in Marathi and not feel that you are surrounded by the Punjabis and Gujjus of the world. Yeah we Maharashtrians are not an adventerous type. So what?

The airport is a surprise. No stench of stale urine wafting throught to immigration. Really! Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is being upgraded and how. The staff are courteous and the carousels seemed to work. Indians are more comfortable with travelling internationally now, I think. So there was no rush in the queues (Aap qatar mein hain….you are in queue…ha! Standard line we Indians hear all the time.) I still have not subjected the airport to the toilet test that will happen when I leave.

And so out on the streets life was as is. Chaotic and crazy and hot and dusty…

Now after figuring out this blog my time at the cafe is up. But this is addictive so watch out.

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