New Beginnings.

One of my aims every year is to write regularly on this blog. Anything from serious political issues to flippant, fashion-y things. Books, movies, gardening, tramps and travels. Food. Sharing other interesting blogs I follow. And all that. For me it is always self indulgence and the need to improve my writing; to be analytical and a touch self-deprecatory. It never ceases to amaze me that people read this blog, some even follow it. I am touched and very grateful.

These last two years, especially the last few months have been an exercise in maintaining my self-belief and carrying on with life, pushing and willing to get things done, things over which I had not control but could question the methodology of how others did it. I can reiterate that all the above and a lot of visualisation of what you want (with the right motives) does work and the power of the human mind, the potential of it just blows me away.

Which is how I am going to re-don a past avatar, that of a doctor, in Wellington, the ‘coolest little capital‘ in the world. Not that I wished to go there, no, that was the Universe. The rest of it is of my making.  So I start work as a GP next week, in Porirua, a city/suburb of Wellington after eleven years of being away from it. It is the kind of doctoring I know I would like. Low socio-economic area, many refugee, Maori and Pacific Island patients and several challenges. That apart, living in Wellington, after eleven years in Auckland, should be exciting. It means new friends, new networks, new things to do and a new house to live in. It also means very cold winters, damp homes and sharp winds blowing from the Antarctic. 

I know I’ll have lots to write about and I hope to (a) be very regular, perhaps fortnightly and (b) evolve myself as a writer. So wish me luck. 🙂

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